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What to Serve with Brie? 12 Must-try Side Dishes

Are you looking for some creative ways to serve brie cheese?

You’ve come to the right place!

Brie is one of the most popular soft cheeses out there and a favorite among many fine food connoisseurs because of its rich flavor, delicious aroma, creamy texture, and versatility.

Deciding what kind of side dishes to pair with brie can be tricky, so let us show you 12 must-try recipes that will make your next cheese platter shine.

Whether you prefer savory or sweet flavors we have something for everyone – get ready to tantalize your taste buds with an array of delights from flavorful spring rolls wrapped in prosciutto and fresh fruit compotes topped….

What to Serve with Brie? 12 Must-try Side Dishes

1. Simple Baguette

A simple baguette is the perfect side dish for a variety of meals.

Its crispy and chewy texture is delicious on its own, or you can elevate it by adding some toppings.

Baguettes are traditionally made with white flour, but you can also find them made with whole wheat flour.

If you’re looking for a healthier option, whole wheat is the way to go.

You can also find baguettes that are pre-sliced, which makes them even easier to eat.

Toppings for your baguette can include anything from cheese to ham to vegetables.

Get creative and experiment with different combinations to find what you like best.

You can also spread some butter or margarine on your baguette for a more traditional flavor.

Baguettes are a versatile and easy-to-eat side dish that can be enjoyed with any meal.

2. Crackers and a Variety of Cheeses

There’s nothing quite like a platter of cheese and crackers to snack on.

But if you’re looking to elevate this dish, there are a few things you can do.

First, choose a variety of cheeses with different flavors and textures.

A soft cheese-like brie pairs well with a crisp cracker.

Sharp cheddar or gouda goes well with a savory cracker.

And a nutty cheese like Gruyere is perfect with a sweet or fruity cracker.

Second, don’t be afraid to get creative with your toppings.

Sliced fruit, jams, chutneys, and nuts all make great accompaniments to cheese and crackers.

And finally, don’t forget the wine.

A glass of red or white wine is the perfect way to round out this classic dish.

3. Fresh Fruits

Brie pairs well with fresh fruits, as the sweetness of the fruit, can help to offset the strong taste of the cheese.

Fruits also add a lovely pop of color to a cheese plate.

Some great fruits to pair with brie are grapes, strawberries, and apples.

When choosing fruits to pair with brie, it is important to consider both taste and texture.

For example, grapes offer a sweet and juicy contrast to the creamy brie, while apples provide a crisp and crunchy texture.

If you want to elevate this dish, you can try pairing the brie with some jam or honey for an added sweetness.

4. Nuts

There are a variety of nuts that can be used as a side dish, each with its own distinct taste and texture.

Almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts are all great choices.

You can either roast the nuts beforehand or leave them raw.

If you want to roast the nuts, you can do so in the oven at a low temperature (300 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 10 minutes.

This will bring out their flavor and make them more crunchy.

You can also add some spices to the nuts before roasting them, such as salt, pepper, or garlic powder.

Raw nuts can also be a great addition to any meal.

They provide a crunchy texture and a heart-healthy dose of fat and protein.

If you’re looking for something sweet, you can also drizzle honey or maple syrup on top of the nuts.

5. A Selection of Olives

A selection of olives is a great way to elevate any dish.

They offer a variety of tastes and textures that can add depth and interest to any dish.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your olives:

  • Choose a variety of olives with different colors, shapes, and sizes. This will add visual interest to your dish.
  • Consider the flavor of the olives when you are choosing what dishes to serve them with. For example, Kalamata olives are quite salty and would pair well with something that is not too heavy on salt.
  • Olives can be served whole, pitted, or sliced. If you are serving them whole, consider using a toothpick or small fork to make it easy for your guests to remove the pit.
  • Add other ingredients to your olives to create an olive medley. Some ideas include herbs (e.g., rosemary, thyme, oregano), garlic, lemon, orange, chili peppers, and anchovies.

6. Sun-dried Tomatoes

When it comes to side dishes, sun-dried tomatoes are a must-try.

These little bites of flavor are the perfect addition to any meal.

And, they’re not just delicious – sun-dried tomatoes are also healthy, packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

So, what do sun-dried tomatoes taste like? Sun-dried tomatoes are slightly sweet with a deep, rich flavor.

The texture is chewy and slightly leathery.

There are endless ways to enjoy sun-dried tomatoes.

Here are a few tips on how to elevate this already delicious dish:

  • Add them to salads for a burst of flavor.
  • Serve them as an appetizer with goat cheese and crackers.
  • Use them as a pizza topping.
  • Make a sun-dried tomato pesto.

7. Sliced Cured Meats

When it comes to sides, there are endless possibilities.

But when you’re serving brie, you want something that’s going to complement the rich, creamy taste and texture.

That’s why we love sliced cured meats as a side dish.

Cured meats have a salty, savory flavor that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of brie.

And the texture is just right – firm enough to stand up to the cheese but soft enough to spread easily on a cracker or piece of bread.

To really elevate this dish, try pairing it with some other strong flavors.

A fruity jam or chutney would be delicious alongside the meat, or you could even try a honeycomb for a sweet and savory combination.

Whatever you choose, we know you’ll love this classic combo.

8. Artisan Bread

Artisan bread is made with high-quality ingredients and requires skill and care to produce.

As a result, they tend to be more flavorful and slightly more expensive than mass-produced bread.

Artisan bread can be found in many specialty shops, but it can also be made at home with a little patience and practice.

When it comes to taste and texture, artisan bread is unmatched.

The dough is allowed to rise slowly, resulting in a light and airy texture.

The crust is crisp and crackly, while the inside is soft and moist.

The flavor of artisan bread is complex and nuanced, with a hint of sourness from the slow fermentation process.

9. Soups Or Stews

Soups and stews are a great way to enjoy brie.

The creamy texture of the cheese pairs well with the heartiness of the soup or stew.

There are many ways to elevate this dish. One way to do this is to choose a flavorful broth.

A simple vegetable broth can be transformed into something special with the addition of herbs and spices.

For something truly unique, try using a fruit-based broth or even wine.

Another way to make your soup or stew extra special is to add some unexpected ingredients.

This could be anything from roasted vegetables to cooked bacon or sausage.

Get creative and experiment until you find a combination that you love.

Finally, don’t forget to garnish your dish before serving.

This could be as simple as a sprinkle of chopped fresh herbs or a drizzle of olive oil.

Whatever you choose, make sure it complements the flavors of the soup or stew.

10. Quiche or Tart

There are few things as satisfying as a perfect quiche or tart.

Crisp, flaky pastry encases a smooth, creamy filling studded with flavorful bits of meat, vegetables, and cheese.

When done right, it’s a dish that is equally at home on the breakfast table or served as part of a special brunch or lunch.

So what makes a great quiche or tart? First, it’s all about the texture.

The pastry should be light and flaky, while the filling should be rich and creamy.

That perfect balance is what makes this dish so addictive.

As for the fillings, there are endless possibilities.

Cheese and bacon are always a classic combination, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different meats, vegetables, and even fruits.

Quiche is also a great way to use up leftover ingredients you have in the fridge.

To elevate your quiche or tart from good to great, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

First, blind-bake the pastry shell before adding the filling.

This will help prevent it from getting soggy once the filling is added.

Second, use high-quality ingredients wherever possible.

This includes using freshly grated cheese instead of pre-shredded varieties and opting for smoked meats or seafood for added flavor.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative with your garnishes.

A sprinkle of fresh herbs or a drizzle of sauce can take your quiche or tart to the next level.

11. Chicken or Turkey Breast

Chicken or turkey breast is a classic main dish that can be served with a variety of side dishes.

The taste and texture of chicken or turkey breast are fairly neutral, so it goes well with a wide range of flavors.

There are a few things you can do to elevate the dish and make it more interesting.

One way to add flavor to chicken or turkey breast is to marinate it before cooking.

This can be done by combining the meat with a variety of spices, herbs, and other ingredients like olive oil or vinegar.

Another way to add flavor is to cook the chicken or turkey in a flavorful liquid like broth or wine.

If you’re looking for something more substantial than plain chicken or turkey breast, you can stuff it with a variety of fillings.

Common fillings include cheese, vegetables, and nuts, but you can really use anything you like.

You can also bread and fry chicken or turkey breast for a crispy exterior.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to side dishes for chicken or turkey breast.

Some classics include roasted potatoes, green beans, and carrots.

But really, any vegetable will pair well with chicken or turkey breast.

For something heartier, you could serve rice, quinoa, or pasta.

12. Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables are a fantastic side dish to serve with brie.

The smokiness of the grill pairs well with the creamy, rich flavor of brie.

Plus, grilled vegetables are healthy and packed with nutrients.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to grilling vegetables.

You can go for traditional favorites like zucchini, eggplant, and peppers.

Or, get creative and grill some fruits or even green beans.

The key is to experiment and find what you like best.

To elevate your grilled vegetable dish, try adding some fresh herbs or spices.

Another great idea is to drizzle the finished dish with flavorful olive oil or balsamic vinegar.

Get creative and have fun with it.


In conclusion, we have discussed 12 different side dishes that go great with brie.

We have also given a brief description of each dish and what makes it a good match for brie.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it was helpful in deciding what to serve with your next brie dish.

Let us know in the comments what side dish you decided to go with.

What to Serve with Brie? 12 Must-try Side Dishes

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Sides
Servings 1 Serving


  • 1. Simple Baguette
  • 2. Crackers and a Variety of Cheeses
  • 3. Fresh Fruits
  • 4. Nuts
  • 5. A Selection of Olives
  • 6. Sun-dried Tomatoes
  • 7. Sliced Cured Meats
  • 8. Artisan Bread
  • 9. Soups Or Stews
  • 10. Quiche or Tart
  • 11. Chicken or Turkey Breast
  • 12. Grilled Vegetables


  • Select your favorite sides from the list above.
  • Prepare the side dish according to the recipe instructions.
  • If you’re short on time, some of these can be made ahead of time and reheated before serving.
  • Serve and enjoy!
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