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How Long Does Maple Syrup Last? Does it Go Bad?

When it comes to making breakfast, there’s nothing like the sweet, sticky flavor of pure maple syrup.

But how long does maple syrup last and does it ever really go bad?

If you’re a fan of all-natural syrups or buying in bulk for business use, understanding the shelf life and storing requirements is essential.

So let’s explore this further and find out what you need to know about how long your genuine maple syrup will stay fresh!

What’s Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup is a delicious sweetener made from the sap of maple trees, predominantly found in North America.

The process of harvesting and producing the syrup has been around for hundreds of years, and is coming back into the spotlight recently due to its many uses.

Aside from being a beloved addition to waffles and pancakes, it can be used in beverages, as a sugar alternative for baking, or even served with savory meals to brighten up dishes.

Additionally, depending on quality, maple syrup boasts a healthy array of minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

All in all, maple syrup is not just another pancake topping – it’s an adaptable element that has been tastefully appreciated by people around the world for centuries.

How to Store Maple Syrup?

When it comes to storing maple syrup, there are a few simple tips that can help keep your syrup fresh.

Always store maple syrup in an airtight container and make sure it is kept cool and dry.

Refrigeration isn’t necessary; however, keeping the container away from heat will help ensure its lasting quality.

If you have leftover syrup that needs storing for an extended period of time, you can easily freeze it to extend its shelf life up to six months or more.

Simply pour the extra into an ice cube tray and pop out cubes when desired – making sure each cube is sealed before transfer to a freezer-safe bag.

With these storage techniques, your next pancake brunch or waffle breakfast can be just as delicious as the last one.

How Long Does Maple Syrup Last?

Maple syrup is a delicious natural sweetener that can be used in all sorts of recipes, from pancakes and waffles to oatmeal and salad dressings.

But how long does maple syrup last? The answer depends on how you store it.

Unopened, maple syrup will last for up to two years in the pantry.

Once opened, however, it should be used within six months.

If stored properly in the fridge, opened maple syrup can last up to a year.

To extend the shelf life of your maple syrup, make sure to keep it in a dark, cool place like the pantry or cupboard.

You’ll also want to make sure the container is sealed tightly so that no air can get in and cause the syrup to spoil.

If you notice that your maple syrup has started to crystallize or develop mold, it’s best to throw it away.

These are signs that the syrup has gone bad and is no longer safe to eat.

So there you have it.

With proper storage, maple syrup can last for quite some time.

Just be sure to use it before it goes bad for the best flavor and quality.

Can You Freeze Maple Syrup?

Yes, you can freeze Maple Syrup.

Just like any other food, freezing Maple Syrup will help to extend its shelf life.

However, it’s important to note that the quality of the syrup may change after being frozen.

For best results, be sure to use frozen Maple Syrup within 6 months of freezing.

To freeze Maple Syrup, simply pour it into an airtight container and place it in the freezer.

When you’re ready to use it, thaw the syrup by placing the container in the fridge overnight.

Be sure to give the syrup a good stir before using it, as it may have separated while frozen.

So there you have it – yes, you can freeze Maple Syrup.

Just be aware that the quality may not be as great as fresh syrup.

But if you need to extend the shelf life of your syrup, freezing is a great option.

How to Tell If Maple Syrup Is Bad?

Maple syrup is a delicious and versatile pantry staple. But like all food, it can go bad.

Here are a few signs that your maple syrup has gone bad:

  • The color has changed. Good maple syrup is a deep amber color. If the syrup is lighter in color, it may be an indication that it has been watered down.
  • The texture has changed. Maple syrup should be smooth and viscous. If the syrup is watery or has clumps, it’s time to toss it.
  • It smells off. Maple syrup should have a sweet, slightly smoky aroma. If it smells sour or fermented, it’s gone bad.

If you see any of these signs, it’s best to discard the maple syrup and buy a new bottle.


We discussed the topic of whether maple syrup goes bad and how long it lasts.

Maple syrup is a natural product and doesn’t contain any preservatives, so it can go bad over time.

The best way to store maple syrup is in a cool, dark place.

Maple syrup can last for up to two years if stored properly.

If you’re not sure if your maple syrup is still good, give it a smell test.

If it smells rancid, it’s probably time to throw it out.

how long does maple syrup last

How Long Does Maple Syrup Last? Does it Go Bad?

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  • Maple syrup
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  • Store your product in an labelled container in a cool, dark place like the pantry or fridge.
  • If your food is frozen, allow it to thaw in the fridge before cooking.
  • Make sure to look for signs that your food has gone bad before eating it.
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