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5 Best Midori Liqueur Substitutes in Cocktails

Do you want to explore or recreate a classic Midori Liqueur cocktail but are not sure what other options are available?

In this article, you’ll learn all about Midori, plus the 5 best substitutes that can be used in its place.

Read on to discover your favorite new tipple today.

What’s Midori Liqueur?

Midori liqueur is a popular Japanese melon-flavored liqueur that has gained a loyal following since its introduction in the mid-1970s.

Its unique, refreshing taste has been known to tantalize taste buds and its visually stunning color brings a certain sophistication to any drink.

The initial sip of Midori is akin to drinking a light, fruity juice with subtle hints of muskmelon and honeydew; an undertone of sweetness that lingers on the palate.

It makes for a versatile mixer as it pairs nicely with vodka, gin, or even rum.

One of the more popular recipes is the Midori Sour—a classic blend of equal parts of Midori and lemon juice with a splash of soda water for fizz and balance.

Another simple yet delightful way to enjoy this liqueur is by adding it to iced tea for an extra hint of sweetness.

This improbable combination not only gives your beverage a dash of cool color but also amps up its flavor profile.

With so many options available, exploring all the pleasures that come with expermenting with Midori will be an adventure worth indulging in.

5 Best Midori Liqueur Substitutes in Cocktails

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find and sometimes expensive.

Fortunately, there are several excellent substitutes that will work in your cocktail recipes.

Here we’ll look at five best substitutes for Midori Liqueur in cocktails:

1 – Bols

Bols is a liqueur made from various flavors, including melon, apricot, and peach.

It has a creamy taste that makes it a great substitute for Midori.

Its ABV comes in at 55 proof, which equals roughly 28% alcohol by volume.

Bols is available in many liquor stores and is usually priced at around $20 per bottle.

It can be used to create the same tropical drinks that you would make with Midori, and can even be used as an alternative to triple sec in some recipes.

The main difference between Bols and Midori is the mellow fruit taste due to the lack of melon flavoring present in Bols.

2 – Potter’s Melon Liqueur

Potter’s Melon Liqueur is an ideal substitute for Midori because it has the same bright hue and unique melon flavor.

It pairs well with many spirits, adding subtle fruity notes to cocktails.

However, it is important to note that Potter’s Melon Liqueur has a lower alcohol content than Midori so your drink may have a lighter, more refreshing flavor.

Another advantage of using Potter’s Melon Liqueur as a substitute for Midori is that it isn’t as sweet.

This liqueur is made from premium melons, giving it a subtle but distinct flavor which you can enjoy either neat or mixed into cocktails.

As an alternative to Midori, this liqueur’s mellow taste ensures your drinks will be smooth and balanced without overpowering the other ingredients in your cocktail.

3 – De Kuyper

De Kuyper is a family-run business that has been producing liqueurs, spirits, and other beverages for over 250 years.

It offers some excellent substitutes for Midori, including the popular triple sec and amaretto flavors.

Its Green Apple liqueur is also a great choice to use instead of Midori.

This liqueur is made from fresh green apples with a light sweetness and tartness that will bring out the flavor of any mixed drink.

Additionally, De Kuyper’s Pomegranate Liqueur is another potential substitute for Midori in cocktails.

With its rich, ruby-red color and unique flavor profile of light citrus and sweet berry flavors with herbal undertones, it can be used to replace Midori in most cocktail recipes.

4 – Amaretto

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur that is most commonly made with almonds, but can also include apricot and peach pits.

It is sweet, full-bodied and one of the most popular Italian liqueurs.

The flavor profile of amaretto makes it a good substitute for Midori, although it does have different flavor notes, as well as a slightly higher alcohol content.

However, it does replicate the subtle sweetness of Midori and provides excellent results in cocktails such as the Godfather or Amaretto Sour.

Amaretto can also be used to replace Midori in a number of frozen drinks like the Arctic Melt.

5 – Still Spirits Liqueur

Still Spirits Liqueur is a strong liqueur made from grain spirits.

Brewed by the New Zealand Spirits Company, Still Spirits Liqueur is available in a variety of flavors and styles, including coffee and cream liqueurs, dark spirits, and citrus flavors.

It comes in ready-to-drink bottles of 50cl and 70cl sizes.

Still Spirits Liqueur can offer you a natural Midori-like taste with its sweetness and smooth aftertaste.

It also has a clear yellowish hue which makes it look exactly like Midori.

As for its alcohol content, it’s just slightly lower than classic Midori — 19.5%.

But if you want an even more Medoriliant flavor you can choose between the 30ml Shot or the 20cl Fizz bottle which are both higher in alcohol content at 28%.


In conclusion, Midori is a delicious liqueur that adds flavor and sweetness to a variety of cocktails.

When substituting Midori in recipes, it’s important to consider the flavor profile of the drink.

You might find that you can substitute an alternative liqueur without compromising on taste.

Some suggested substitutes include Cointreau, Blue Curacao, white crème de menthe, kiwi liqueur, or melon schnapps.

However, if possible, consider using the real thing – it may just elevate your favorite mid-week cocktail even more.

5 Best Midori Liqueur Substitutes in Cocktails

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  • 1 – Bols
  • 2 – Potter’s Melon Liqueur
  • 3 – De Kuyper
  • 4 – Amaretto
  • 5 – Still Spirits Liqueur


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