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Savory Tweaks: 5 BEST Amaro Meletti Substitutes

Do you love amaro but can’t find Amaro Meletti? Don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered with the five best substitutes for the Italian classic.

In this article, you’ll learn about the unique flavor of Amaro Meletti and how to find its suitable alternatives.

So let’s dive into it.

What’s Amaro Meletti?

Amaro Meletti is a unique Italian herbal liqueur that has been enjoyed by the locals for over 100 years.

It has complex notes of cinnamon, orange peel, and licorice that creates an intensely flavorful drink.

In terms of texture, it carries a notable richness due to its pleasantly medium-bodied characteristics.

Amaro Meletti is ideally used as an after dinner drink, but can also be added to cocktails such as Negroni and Boulevardier.

If you’re looking to mix it with another ingredient, cola or grapefruit juice are great options.

To get the most out of your Amaro Meletti experience start off by pouring an ounce into a glass with a few ice cubes and add in whatever mixer you choose.

Give it a gentle stir and discover the amazing flavors released through the interaction of ingredients.

However you choose to enjoy your Amaro Meletti, let yourself relax and have a unique Italian after dinner experience.

5 Best Amaro Meletti Substitutes to Consider

On the palate you get a balanced mix of sweet and bitter flavors along with some slight clove and herbal notes.

If you can’t find Amaro Meletti or if you’re looking for something similar here are five alternatives that will lend similar flavor profiles to your favorite cocktails or hot drinks:

1 – Amaro Averna

Amaro Averna is made with a secret recipe of over 30 herbs, spices and roots.

The mild, somewhat sweet taste comes from the flavors of licorice, orange and spices like clove, nutmeg and cinnamon.

It has an ABV of 25 percent and adds a layer of complexity to any cocktail that you incorporate it into.

Its herbaceous flavor pairs perfectly with an array of citrus juices, making it a great choice when looking for an Amaro Meletti substitute.

2 – Amaro Nonino Quintessentia

Made in the Italian alpine region of Friuli, Amaro Nonino Quintessentia is a herbal liqueur made from five carefully selected dry and semi-dry spirits.

Dried fruits, such as figs and cherries, are infused with flowers, herbs and spices that give it a naturally sweetened aroma.

The color is a deep mahogany brown with an intense caramel taste.

It is believed to aid digestion due to its high concentration of natural herbs, giving it a unique digestive quality compared to other amaros.

3 – Amaro Lucano

Amaro Lucano is a dark herbal liqueur produced by the Luigi Manzo distillery in Pisticci, Italy.

It is made with herbs, roots and spices and may contain up to 33 ingredients.

The recipe has been a closely guarded secret since its original formulation in 1894.

It has an intensely herbaceous flavor profile which can be sweet or bitter depending on the crafter.

With notes of citrus, clove, nutmeg and saffron on the nose and an earthy bitterness on the palate, this liqueur pairs well with espresso or over ice cream as a digestif.

As a substitute for Amaro Meletti, Amaro Lucano packs a similar intensity but may be slightly less herbal overall with distinct citrus undertones.

4 – Amaro CioCiaro

CioCiaro is a popular Italian amaro that contains an intriguing blend of both sweet and bitter notes.

It is made with an alcohol base, sugar and an array of herbs and spices, including gentian root and saffron.

The flavor profile is balanced, with notes of licorice, ginger and pepper that become more pronounced with time.

CioCiaro has a higher ABV than some other amaros (28 percent), so it packs a punch despite its sweeter profile.

Due to its intense flavor profile, it can be used in many recipes as a stand-alone spirit or as a component in various cocktails.

CioCiaro has the same dark roasted bitterness of Amaro Meletti but offers brighter herbal highlights on the nose and tongue.

5 – Ramazzotti

Ramazzotti is an Italian herbal liqueur and aperitif that has been created and produced since 1815.

It is now available in more than 85 countries worldwide, exported to many destinations including North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Amaro Ramazzotti is a bitter sweet digestivo produced by using over 30 herbs and spices including orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom, iris and myrrh.

This unique amaro blends complex bitterness with sweet complexity creating a balanced finish which makes it perfect after meals or just before bedtime.

The flavor profile of this digestivo includes herbal overtones with underneath notes of licorice along with spicy aromas like for example gingerbread or cacao.

The alcohol content in this bitter varies from 20-30% ABV depending on the part of the world you are located.

If you are looking for bittersweet complexity similar to Amaro Meletti we suggest that you try Bittersweet Liqueur from Ramazzotti which has an alcohol strength at 20%.


Amaro Meletti is an Italian liqueur made with a blend of herbs, spices, and fruit extracts.

It has a complex flavor that can be used to create a variety of delicious cocktails and desserts.

While Amaro Meletti may be difficult to find in some countries, there are many alternative options that can help you replicate the distinct taste of this Italian classic.

Campari, Aperol, Cynar, Ramazzotti and Zucca are some of the best substitutes for Amaro Meletti that you can find on the market.

No matter which substitute you choose, every option promises to bring unique flavors and complexity to your favorite dishes.

Make sure to experiment with different liqueurs and determine which one best fits your taste preferences and meal plans.

5 Best Amaro Meletti Substitutes to Consider

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Prep Time 10 minutes
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Total Time 20 minutes
Course Substitutes


  • 1 – Amaro Averna
  • 2 – Amaro Nonino Quintessentia
  • 3 – Amaro Lucano
  • 4 – Amaro CioCiaro
  • 5 – Ramazzotti


  • Choose your preferred substitute from the list of options.
  • Organize all of your ingredients.
  • Use the proper substitute to cook your recipes.
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