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What Cheese Goes Best with A Salami Sandwich? 12 Options

Are you trying to pick the perfect cheese for your salami sandwich but not sure which one would taste the best?

With so many options available, it can be perplexing deciding which cheese to choose.

This article will help you break down all the information you need to know about what cheese goes best with a salami sandwich.

You’ll learn all about different types of cheese that go well with a salami sandwich, as well as how to incorporate them into easy recipes.

By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to confidently make your own salami sandwiches with delicious flavor combinations.

Why Consider Adding Cheese to Your Salami Sandwiches?

Adding cheese to a salami sandwich can take the flavor and texture of your meal to the next level.

Cheese contains dairy fat, which helps balance the salty strength of salami.

In addition, cheese adds a pleasant flavor that pairs well with a variety of vegetables and other accompaniments.

With so many types of cheese available, it can be hard to know which one goes best with your salami sandwich.

What Cheese Goes Best with A Salami Sandwich? 12 Options

Salami sandwiches are a great way to enjoy a savory treat.

Whether you’re having one for lunch or a mid-day snack, picking the right cheese can make all the difference in the flavor and texture of your sandwich.

Here are some of our favorite cheeses that pair nicely with salami:

1. American Cheese

American cheese is a smooth, mild cheese that melts quickly and does not add a lot of flavor to a sandwich.

If you are looking for something with a creamy texture and mild flavor, this is an excellent choice.

American cheese may also be labeled as “white cheese”, “pasteurized process cheese food”, or “American sliced cheese”.

It pairs particularly well with salami sandwiches since the bold flavor of the salami can stand up to the mildness of the American.

2. Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese originated in England and is now a popular cheese around the world.

When making a salami sandwich, use aged cheddar to ensure a richer flavor.

In order to get the best taste, you can add pickles or a splash of hot sauce onto your sandwich before adding the cheddar.

Cheddar pairs well with not only salami but also many other charcuterie options like ham, prosciutto, and mortadella.

Aged Cheddars make a great addition to gourmet sandwiches as they bring out more flavor in the other ingredients like olives, onions and more.

3. Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is a flavorful choice that pairs perfectly with salami.

The sharp flavor of Swiss works especially well with more robust cured meats, like Genoa and Sopressata salamis.

Its nutty flavor, mild acidity, and buttery finish make it an ideal option for hearty sandwiches.

Just remember that Swiss cheese has plenty of holes in it — be sure to let the sandwich cool a bit before taking your first bite.

4. Pepper Jack Cheese

Pepper Jack cheese is a type of Monterey Jack cheese made with jalapeno and habanero peppers, which give it a mild spicy-hot flavor.

It is ideal for melting in sandwiches, or blending with cream or mayonnaise to make dip, sauces and soups.

As a variation on what can sometimes be an otherwise bland sandwich, primarily comprised of salami and bread, Pepper Jack cheese adds texture and flavor as well as a somewhat creamy texture that can help balance the spiciness of the salami.

Some Pepper Jack cheeses are spicier than others; choose one with your desired level of spice.

5. Muenster Cheese

Muenster is a mild semi-soft cheese with a smooth texture.

Originating from Alsace, France, this cheese is usually orange in color due to annatto food coloring added to the milk during production.

Its subtle taste will make it the perfect partner for salami with its slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

The melting capabilities of Muenster makes it an ideal choice for creating ooey-gooey cheese sandwiches.

6. Gouda Cheese

Gouda is a subtly sweet Dutch cheese that pairs exceptionally well with salami.

It melts easily, lending creaminess to the sandwich and balancing out the intense flavor of salami.

It also has a slightly nutty taste, which works in harmony with the small hint of sweetness from the meat.

This cheese provides an added richness that elegantly enhances the sandwich without overpowering any of its components.

Gouda is versatile and pairs with many different types of salami, allowing you to find your favorite combination.

7. Havarti Cheese

Havarti is a semi-soft Danish cheese with a mild flavor and creamy texture.

It has a buttery, nutty taste and a sharp aroma.

This cheese comes in many varieties, with some of them being flavoured with dill, caraway, basil and jalapeno.

It’s the perfect cheese for enhancing the savory flavors of your salami sandwich, as it melts easily and has just the right amount of salty bite to bring out the flavors of the salami.

High in calcium and fat content, Havarti is also typically quite affordable compared to other types of cheeses.

Look for aged Havarti, as it will have stronger flavor than those that are not aged.

8. Brie Cheese

Brie is a French cheese that has a sweet, milky flavor and a soft, slightly runny texture when at room temperature.

It’s one of the most popular cheeses in the world and can be used in both savory and sweet dishes.

Brie is a great choice for salami sandwiches because its mild flavor allows the bolder flavors of the salami to shine through.

It’s also light enough to not overpower the other ingredients in the sandwich, making it well-balanced and flavorful.

To add some extra texture, you can also place thinly sliced apples on your sandwiches with your brie and salami — they pair together perfectly.

9. Camembert Cheese

Camembert is a soft, creamy cheese that has a delightfully buttery flavor and is made from cow’s milk.

Ideal for use in sandwiches, Camembert pairs perfectly with salami due to its unique, almost nutty flavor.

The texture of the cheese will help to add a nice creamy layer to the already savory salami.

When pairing Camembert with salami, be sure to use high-quality aged Camembert as this will give you the best flavor combination.

Another great pairing would be Camembert and fig jam as the sweet and savory combo is divine.

10. Chevre Cheese

Chevre, a French term for goat’s milk cheese, is a soft, creamy cheese that pairs well with salami sandwiches.

It has a mild flavor and an off-white color.

Chevre can be found in many different varieties including plain, herbed, and even chèvre with honey and walnuts.

Some chevres may have more of an acidic taste to them but this sharpness will add another layer of flavor to your salami sandwich.

As with all other pairing options when it comes to creating a delicious sandwich, feel free to experiment with the flavor combinations you can create by adding different styles of chevre.

11. Roquefort Cheese

Roquefort is a famous French blue cheese, made from sheep’s milk, that is aged in limestone caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon.

It has a sharp, tangy flavor and creamy texture that pairs well with savory meats like salami.

This combination is perfect for creating a balanced flavor between the saltiness of the food and the sweetness of the cheese.

It also adds an additional layer of creamy goodness thanks to its crumbly consistency.

Roquefort is ideal for those looking to enjoy strong flavors in their sandwich without adding too much richness or extra calories.

Enjoy this blend in your salami sandwich alongside your favorite condiments for an unbeatable combination.

12. Gorgonzola Cheese

Gorgonzola is a classic Italian cheese, produced from cows’ milk.

Its flavor is fairly pungent and salty, and it has blue veins running through it which give it its distinctive look.

Gorgonzola goes really well with cooked salami, as the strong salty flavor of the cheese balances out the rich umami flavors of the salami.

It is usually served in small chunks on top of an otherwise traditional salami sandwich and adds a great extra layer of flavors.

Try crumbling some Gorgonzola over your next salami sandwich to enhance the flavor.


After exploring the different types of cheese available and their pairings with salami, the verdict is in on what cheese goes best with a salami sandwich.

Swiss cheese is a classic favorite that provides a mild flavor and creamy texture, but it can be too subtle for some palates.

Provolone has a more robust flavor but still pairs well with salami without overwhelming the sandwich.

If you’re looking for something really unique, try a blend of blue cheese and brie to pack your sandwich full of bold flavors while adding some pungent notes.

No matter what type of cheese you choose, rest assured that almost any variety can be an excellent companion to your next salami sandwich.

What Cheese Goes Best with A Salami Sandwich? 12 Options

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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
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  • 1. American Cheese
  • 2. Cheddar Cheese
  • 3. Swiss Cheese
  • 4. Pepper Jack Cheese
  • 5. Muenster Cheese
  • 6. Gouda Cheese
  • 7. Havarti Cheese
  • 8. Brie Cheese
  • 9. Camembert Cheese
  • 10. Chevre Cheese
  • 11. Roquefort Cheese
  • 12. Gorgonzola Cheese


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